Lions & Yellowcake
Lions & Yellowcake

Art by Jennifer Kostuck

About Jennifer Kostuck

Jennifer Weiler is a free-lance artist working out of her studio in South Burlington, Vermont. 
Having originally started in a style of hyper-realism, Jennifer now works in a mixed fantasy style that she carries through  both her illustrative and textile work.

Her illustrations portray the tender, innate relationship between human and animal. 
The stories of our childhoods are brought to life in her seemingly possible 2-dimensional mixed media illustrations. 

Jennifer aims to create pieces that allow us to remember the magic of boundless imagination and story telling.

Her textile label “Lions & Yellowcake” is a reflection of possible fantasy within our everyday reality with a focus in allowing the wearer to feel as if they’re a 
living fairytale. Jennifer’s childhood experiences created a deeply rooted empathy for how we so often view ourselves, and because of this, her hope is that 
each piece helps its owner inspire confidence and beauty within themselves.